What is Folding Hyperspace?

2000 Update

This section of my web page will be devoted to Neural Networks and their uses. Given the restrictive nature of intellectual property agreements today (yes I do work for a corporation that believes in the suck principle of IP - all in and none out) there will be limits on what I can say, but you may find some interesting studies of neural networks here soon.

2006 Update

Ventek is now back in private ownership and I can now discuss a few things. Creating the GS2000 Veneer Grader and some other "skunk works" projects, and keeping them upgraded against the changing Win-Tel software and hardware bugs, has been a very demanding job during the last few years.

Skunk Works Revealed:

The first North American Robotic Veneer Patching system. The folks in Finland may have invented this first, but I helped perfect it for our market.

First, some references to the work:

A very good book for learning the MLP (MultiLayer Perceptron): Neural Smithing - Supervised Learning in Feedforward Artificial Neural Networks by Reed & Marks II., MIT Press.

A good machine vision book with a short reference to the GS2000: Smart Inspection Systems - Techniques and Applications of Intelligent Vision, by D. T. Pham and R. J. Alcock, Academic Press.

Articles recently published: 

Introduction to Machine Vision and MLPs (ScanPro 2000 Paper, 2.2MB PDF)

Matrox Newsletter (Oct. 2003, http://www.matrox.com/imaging/news_events/feature/lumbersupport.cfm)

Basler Camera Newsletter (near future)

Other References (the Fins created some of the first machine vision wood grading systems):

The Mecano Paper presented at ICANN'95, Paris: Wood Surface Inspection System Based on Generic Visual Features by Lampinen, Smolander and Korhonen.

Research Thesis covering details: DEVELOPMENT OF A COLOR MACHINE VISION METHOD FOR WOOD SURFACE INSPECTION by HANNU KAUPPINEN, Department of Electrical Engineering and Infotech Oulu, 1999

Download at: http://herkules.oulu.fi/isbn9514254244/

Interesting Sales Promotion Claim (I let this item speak for itself): a 100% accurate machine vision system!

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The Folding-Hyperspace animation explained in Pictures:

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